Friday, 28 January 2011

Teeth and other troubles

Although teeth aren't strictly to do with writing, the current infection under one molar is definitely hampering progress. Although ibuprofen and antibiotics are helping, my brain is slowing down and using this as an excuse to take things easy. Which is not good as I have two projects that need urgent attention. The first is to find a title for a short story I've just finished. The second is to get to work on a novel that's been gently simmering in my documents for four years! Why now? Well I've decided to enter it into the Romantic Novelists New Writers' Scheme. Felt like a really good idea at the time, until I looked at the instructions. Why oh why don't I ever read the labels on things? ROMANTIC came in capitals. Is my novel romantic? That is the problem. It's about love and women, and some men and it has a happy ending. So surely ......

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